Ready and eager to evaluate your goals.


Looking to get fit and healthy this summer? 

Would you like to Lose 30lbs or more in just 12 weeks? 

Join our new 90 Day Elevate program and let us help you achieve all your fitness goals in a time frame that best suits your needs.

Every clients’ journey begins with a single step. Our cutting-edge, tailored approach addresses your overall lifestyle, from nutrition to day-to-day exercising. Because we monitor your progress each and every step of the way, we know exactly when to tweak your program. Your body is not a static machine; it is constantly evolving.

Before and After
Both Tanya and Michelle lost 25lbs in just 90 days on our Elevate Nutrition and Training program.

If you are looking to lose between 25 – 30 pounds, train for your first 10 km race, or looking to make a lifestyle change to better your heath, our Elevate program is designed for you.

Our in house nutritionist will set out the do’s and don’t for your diet whilst our personal trainers design a custom fitness program using polar heart technology to maximize your caloric burn.

Our 3 month Elevate program is by far our most popular program as we deliver the results in a suitable time-frame for those looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Included in this package:

  • Initial consultation, goal setting, custom profile creation
  • 36 personal Training sessions
  • Full functional fitness assessment
  • Monthly performance evaluations
  • Bio-mechanical feedback
  • Fully personalized Strength and Conditioning program
  • Ongoing program modification
  • Nutritional consultation (optional)

“It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or how far you have to go. 

Bring your determination to succeed, and we promise you, we’ll do the rest.” 



Our unique and inspiring programs are designed for people of all shapes and sizes, all levels of fitness and determination. We are here for those who want to achieve their fitness ambitions and push their physical capabilities, no matter how big or small.

Elevate Training, Health and Wellness is for every person who wants to feel good and achieve more.

We encourage a personal, one to one approach in a warm and welcoming environment where you can focus on building your muscle and fitness, as well as understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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