Are you looking to lose between 20-30lbs?

Would you like to improve your health and Well being this year? 

Whether your end goal is losing weight or gaining strength, Personal Training delivers the highest level of success.

At Elevate Training, Health and Wellness we offer three unique programs that are guaranteed to push you (Just that little bit harder) to get the results you want. Each program is specifically targeted at identifying your imbalances and optimizing your strengths. We’ll track your progress, measure your success and educate you on healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will get you where you want to go.

And with the latest heart rate technology, our Personal Trainers will be able to help you burn more calories, even after your workout. This is called the “after burn effect”. For more information about the “after-burn” effect click here 

Partner Training (Two people)

This is a great option if you have two or more people with similar goals and objectives. If you are looking to maximize efficiency and be held accountable while adding another level of motivation, Partner Training is the perfect fit. This option also allows you to share the cost of your training, especially if you are looking to achieve your goals on a set time and budget.  This program works well for couples getting married, Moms and daughters getting ready for the summer holidays or father’s and sons getting ready for that big sports event.

Small Group Personal Training (3-8 participants)

Interested in setting up a team building workout for your employees or just looking to train with friends? Then Small Group Training is for you. Small Group Personal Training is more than just an economic alternative to one-on-one training. Small Group Training offers many benefits as Personal Training at a fraction of the cost. Group options tend to push intensity and focus to a new level, while adding a fun, social element. Whether competing with or directly against friends, family, or co-workers, the small group approach is a great way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine.

To get started today please select one of our 3 unique programs below

30 Day Express Program

3 month Elevate Program

6 month Enhanced program

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