Interested in training with others like you for a fraction of the cost? Why not try our new Small Group Training programs and let us help you and your friends achieve your fitness goals together.

Our Elevate Small Group Training programs are designed to improve weight loss, strength, agility, core and balance in a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.  We help you develop athletic skills to improve your performance and provide ongoing coaching to ensure you avoid injury.

​We offer a wide range of Training Programs for beginners to advanced clients including Weight loss, Circuit Training, Strength Training to high intensity workouts. We also try to work around your schedule so that you and your friends can enjoy your training session at a time that best suits you.

Benefits of Small Group Training

There are some very good reasons why Small Group Training is becoming so popular and one of the hottest trends today. Here is just a few reasons why we think our Elevate Small Group Training could benefit you, your friends and family.

1. Variety

By working with a knowledgeable fitness professional, your workouts will change/evolve as you progress, preventing hitting a plateau and getting bored.

2. Camaraderie

Those that train together, stay together! Sharing the workout enhances the experience for all the participants.

3. More affordable

While private training provides our members with the most personal attention, you may find that Small Group Training fits into your budget better and still gives you the attention you need.

4. Motivation

What’s wrong with a little healthy competition? Working out alongside others will definitely push you to your limits and ensure that you get the max out of every workout.

5. Fun

Yes, fun. This isn’t a typo!  When exercising with others, the energy of the group will keep you having fun each step of the way!

6. Results

Bottom line, when you stick with a knowledgeable trainer and train with others, you are more likely to stick with it and therefore see great results!

So, whether you are interested in Losing weight, toning up, improving your core, or just looking for something new, our Elevate Small Group Training programs could be just what you are looking for to help you reach your goals.