Strength Training

Are you looking for a specific strength training program?

At Elevate we offer strength and conditioning training programs for all ages and fitness levels, including athletes looking to improve their performance. Our programs are designed to build muscle, strength, power, agility, and speed and prevent injuries. 

How do I apply strength training to my own personal workout?

The key to strength training is simulating the actual activity that you’re trying to strengthen or improve. There should be a focus on doing similar types of contraction (eccentric, concentric, or isometric), speed, range of motion, and level of coordination. The closer the exercise mimics the actual activity, the more effective the training. For instance, if you’re an active person who spends a lot of time on a bike, strength training would include exercises that simulate the movements and strengthen the muscles used in biking.

Our team of coaches will work to understand your individual goals and needs, and create a customized program tailored to you. A big part of our service is education. We teach our clients proper technique, how to use various workout equipment, and empower them to train on their own time with confidence.

One of the many benefits of having a personal trainer is having someone to motivate and hold you accountable. You are guaranteed to have a challenging, safe, and effective workout, and leave feeling better than when you arrived! We can also work with physical therapists to continue an active rehab program and get you back doing the activities you love.

Are there different types of strength training?

Anyone can gain physical benefits of strength training. A few specific groups reap serious rewards from both high-impact and low-impact styles of this training method. Regardless of your fitness goals, abilities, or limitations, functional training should be a part of your exercise routine. You plan to live a long, healthy life, so start preparing your body for the journey now.