Pre-Post Natal Training

What is Pre-Post Natal training?

 At Elevate, we pride ourselves on being a leader in Pre-Post Natal programming. Our training sessions and classes cater to mothers and mothers-to-be with a dynamic assortment of fitness programming, as well as inclusive events and educational workshops. Our instructors and staff are happy to provide advice and assistance to help maximize your pre and postnatal experience.


Having a baby, going back to work, unpredictable baby-schedules: we hear you! We’re happy to offer flexible options, including ‘make up classes’, and we’ll credit you for going back to work, childbirth or inability to continue attending.

The more sessions you take, the more you save! Choose between our personal training sessions or our new baby and me classes. 

We’re so much more than just fitness. Joining our pre and postnatal programs means becoming a part of a special community of fellow moms. Coming soon. Join us for special playdates, potlucks, picnics and workshops, to top off your fitness experience!

Our instructors are pre and post-natal experts, with a firm understanding of the body’s unique changes before and after birth. Our backgrounds range from mothers, Birth Doulas, and trainers, all with an abundance of experience to ensure your safety and enjoyment in our classes.

Taking part in our pre natal & post natal programs is more than fitness. Here, you’ll create life-long friendships, meet other mothers, enjoy clothing swaps, potlucks, Secret Santas, picnics and workshops. Join us and see the difference!

Safety first.
Before taking part in our pre-post natal programs or classes please download and complete the following forms.  Click here

Prenatal Training Programs

We are committed to keeping our moms-to-be healthy, safe and fit. Join our prenatal personal training programs to maintain your active lifestyle during all phases of your pregnancy.


Stay healthy during pregnancy with our light training sessions to stretch and strengthen the entire body. Each session will relax and deepen your experience, and allow a connection between mind, body and soul during this special time.


Make the most out of your pregnancy and prepare the body for childbirth by incorporating strength training into your regime. Led by our Elevate prenatal fitness expert, all the focus during this session will be on strengthening the core and pelvic floor.

Mom & Baby Classes

Elevate is the perfect place for new moms to get back in shape! Work out with our postnatal exercise specialists in our new baby and me classes. This class offers a variety of workouts and fitness genres. No two weeks will be the same in this variety class, incorporating for a full body workout. Moms and babies of any age and ability are welcome!

Safety first.
Before taking part in our pre and post natal programs or classes please download and complete the following forms.  Click here

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